Dual SIM Card Adapter with Hard Case for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S

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Model: UF003167
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This OEM iPhone 5 dual SIM adapter works without rebooting your iPhone. To get the dual SIM cards works with your iPhone 5, a ribbon cable is provided that you just need to insert the SIM adapter into the nano SIM on our specially made SIM tray.

Without a dual SIM adater, you may need to change the SIM cards manually which may cause damage to the SIM gate, especially for people who need to change frequently.

- One iPhone, 2 SIM cards on at the same time.

General Features:
- One iPhone 5 with 2 SIM Cards (see note below)
- STK Menu (see installations below)
- Very simple operation, Easy Plug-&-Play

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 5S (also for iPhone 5c, but the included case is not compatible)
- iPhone 5

Supported iOS Versions:
- iOS 7.1.1 or earlier (for shipment after 30 Mar 2014)
- iOS 7.1.2 or earlier (for shipment after 18 Jul 2014)
- iOS 8.0.1 or earlier (for shipment after 30 Sept 2014)

Colors Available:
- Generic

Options(not included) :
- Soft Silicone case

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- No Cases will be included. A soft case is recommended.

Package Includes:
- Dual SIM for iPhone x 1 piece
- Hard Case for iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s x 1 piece

- Blister