Handheld USB Snake Scope / USB Borescope

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The Snake Scope Video Inspection Borescope is an ergonomic handheld USB Video Borescope with a robust, obedient insertion cable. It is easily operated by plugging the USB connector directly into your computers USB port. The Borescope has 2 white, fully adjustable LED lights on the tip of the cable and a 300k digital camera.

The Snake Scope can capture high quality colour images and video by the touch of a button on the handle and requires no batteries as it receives its power directly from the USB port on your computer.

Comes complete with a Clip-on Magnet and rugged carry case.

General FEATURE(S):
- You can have this USB Borescope to reach the place that you cannot reach but you still need to.
- Water Resistant Camera Head & Tube (handle part is not waterproof)
- Magnetic accessory attachment to protect the camera and the pick (thru the small Magnet) the small things that you cannot reach.
- Snapshot Function Available
- with 2 adjustable White LED at the end of the Borescope, so you still can see in a dark environment
- USB 1.1 interface, easy to install.
- Requires no batteries, receiving its power directly from the computer's USB power
- A very handy pipeline inspection device, a nifty spy and surveillance tool
- Flexible, you can bend it to see around a corner or to look directly at a feature in a bore
- A Snake scope USB camera

- Workshops
- Laboratories
- Industrial inspection
- Science education
- Forensics
- Printing
- Textile
- Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
- Jewelers
- Hobbyists
- Tinkerers
- Crime scene investigation
- Medical
- Serial number identification
- Quality control
- Parts assembly

Colors Available:
- Black

- Waterproof Camera Head & Cable
- 2 Adjustable White LED Lighting
- Lens:F#:2.8 View of angle:54 degree
- 1/6" VGA CMOS; 640x480 Pixels
- Frame Rate up to 30fps @ VGA
- Focal Distance: 6cm ~ infinite
- Len's Outer Diameter: 14mm
- Snapshot Function Available
- Flexible Cable in 80 cm Length
- Cable Outer Diameter 8.5mm
- 2 Meters Wire Connect to computer
- USB 1.1 Interface
- Powered by Computer USB Port (USB BUS)
- Application CD Drive
- This unit and CD supplied software is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Package Includes:
- Handheld USB Snake Scope / Borescope x 1
- Dim-LED Light x 1
- CD x 1

- Box