USB to UART Cable

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Model: UF002877
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Serial transmission of digital information (bits) through a single wire or other medium is much more cost effective than parallel transmission through multiple wires. This UART is used to convert the transmitted information between its sequential and parallel form at each end of the link.

- For various serial port MCU debugging
- Can use in MCU and so on STC downloading software's ISP tool
- Can provide 200mA current directly to the target / goal board, built-in 200mA output, no worries of out interruption.
- Baudrate: 500bps ~ 2Mbps
- Full-duplex hardware
- Compatible with USB 2.0

This accessory is compatible with:
- Window XP / Vista / Win 7, Linux, windows 8

Colors Available:
- Blue

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- The distance between each contact points (1 ~ 4 in the picture above) is 2.54mm. The width of the contact point is 2mm
- UART signals on this product are TTL signals, not RS232 signals.
- Voltage for input / output: 5V, compatible with 3.3 V.

Package Includes:
- USB to UART Dongle x 1 piece
- Connection cable x 2 pieces

- Polybag