Multi Tripod Adapter Rig for iPhone / Cell Phone / Cameras / Enhancing Light / Microphone

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Model: UF005773
Shipping Weight: 200g



This Multi-Mount includes 3 smartphone holder that allows you to rest upto 3 smartphones on a camera tripod for broadcasting / live.

What you need to have the ball head on the tripod, have this multi-mount on the ball head then mount up to 3 smartphones, then you can have your live videos on many social medias.

This is a must for youtubers, vBloggers.

UNIQUE Feature:
- Holds upto 3 smartphones at the same time for live stream.

- This 3-Smartphone tripod mount includes 3 universal smartphone holders so you can stream or record video in 2 directions at the same time.
- Allows to view the screen in Portrait or Landscape.

- Includes 3 spring loaded Phone Clamps so you can easily attach your phone and view the screen. These clamps provide a secure hold on your phones so they will stay in place.
- Works as a multi hot shoe mount, you can mount smartphone on, LED Flashlight on or even a microphone (need to use with the the 1/4-20 thread).

Colors Available:
- Black

Accessories /  Products Related (not included):
- Hot-shot mount
- Heavy Dury Tripod
- Lens for photography


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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 72g (Mount)
- Net Weight: 26g (phone clamp)
- Net Weight: 25g (ballhead)
- M6 or Diameter 1/4" (1/4"-20" or 1/4-20) thread.
- Holders: to hold device from 55mm ~ 80mm width


Package Includes:
- Multi-Mount x 1
- Phone Clamp x 3
- Ball Head x 1

- White Box