WIRELESS Waterproof Borescope (Inspection Camera) with Color LCD

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Model: UFAE001416
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If you think your grandfather had some treasures behind the wall for you but you do not want to risk demolishing the wall because you are NOT 100% sure.

Then there is a way that can help.

It is waterproof and with 3 extended accessories (Hook, Magnet and Mirror) for helping to get the things back no matter it is under the water, inside the depth of a wall or in the air ventilation system...

The monitor is detachable from the borescope for distance monitoring.

- Waterproof and wireless with a Monitor

General FEATURE(S):
- Night Vision: dimmable LEDs to help you to see the things even in a dark environment
- Has magnet attachment to help you to get the metal things back
- Has hook attachment to help you to get the things back
- Has Mirror attachment to help you to see the things upside
- Can be a standalone device for inspection (no need to connect with a computer or a TV.)
- WIRELESS, the LCD monitor (2.4" TFT) could be detached from the borescope
- Color LCD Monitor
- Water resistant (IP67) (Camera, LED and the whole Tube, up to Extension Plug)
- Power LED indicator
- Low battery LED indicator
- PAL TV Output in (Video Cable included)

- Workshops
- Laboratories
- Industrial inspection
- Science education
- Forensics
- Printing
- Textile
- Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
- Jewelers
- Hobbyists
- Tinkerers
- Crime scene investigation
- Medical
- Serial number identification
- Quality control
- Parts assembly

Colors Available:
- see pictures above

- Do note to the last picture about the waterproof part in this product.
- The Camera is powered by 4 AA Batteries (batteries not included)
- The LCD is powered by rechargeable built-in Battery

Imaging Sensor---------------------------------------------------------------CMOS
Total Pixels ---------------------------------------------------------------704 x 576 (PAL)
Horzontal view Angle------------------------------------------------50 degree
Transmission Frequency ------------------------------------------------2468MHz
Minimum Illumination-------------------------------------------------------0 Lux
Modulation Type ---------------------------------------------------------------FM
Power Supply-------------------------------------------------------------------4 AA
Dimensions (WxDxH)------------------------------------------------186 x 145 x 41 (mm) (Flexible Tube not included)
Weight (approximately) ---------------------------------------------------------------530g

LCD Screen Type -----------------------------------------------------------2.36"TFT-LCD
Effective Pixels--------------------------------------------------------------------480 x 240
Effective Pixels-----------------------------------------------------------------------PAL
Transmission Frequency ----------------------------------------------------2468MHz
Exterior Supply Voltage-----------------------------------------------------8V ~ 35V (DC)
Consumption Current (Max.)---------------------------------------------------450mA
Video Output Level -------------------------------------------------------0.9~1.3V(RP) ~ 75ohm
Dimensions (WxDxH)-------------------------------------------------------100 x 70 x 30mm
Weight (Approximately)-----------------------------------------------------------150g
Operating Temperature ---------------------------------------------10 ~ +50 Celsius Degree / +14 ~ +122 Fahrenheit Degree
Operating Humidity (Max.) ---------------------------------------------------15 ~ 85% RH

Package Includes:
- Camera x 1
- Inspection Tube x 1
- 2.4" LCD monitor x 1
- Accessory Mirror x 1
- Accessory Hook x 1
- Accessory Magnet x 1
- Power adapter x 1

- Box