1 ~ 200X Handheld USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Loupe Otoscope Magnifier with Tripod & LED

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Model: UFAB002041
Shipping Weight: 165g



This USB digital portable microscope that you can attach to your computer through USB port and have a zoom-in view of any object that you are interested to.

Unique FEATURE(S):
- up to 200X times magnification
- Ultra slim handle (only 0.71cm diameter), make it as an endoscope / borescope
- Digital microscope when attached to PC
- Can also be used as a webcam
- Display camera microscope images on your PC
- Driverless, no need for driver (for Windows XP and Vista only, see note below)

Colors Available:
- See pictures above

- Desktop Stand

- Workshops
- Laboratories
- Industrial inspection
- Science education
- Forensics
- Printing
- Textile
- Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
- Jewelers
- Hobbyists
- Tinkerers
- Crime scene investigation
- Medical
- Serial number identification
- Quality control
- Parts assembly

- All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
- Desktop stand sold separately but this is a tripod stand included.

- Magnification: 150~200 times (depending on the distance between the object and the lens)
- Photograph: High Compression
- Light Source: LED Illumination (USB Interface)
- Max Size: 0.71cm diameter x 137cm (total length, note the handle is12cm long)
- Pixels: 300,000 pixels
- Display Speed: 15 ~ 30fps
- Interface: USB

Package Includes:
- USB Microscope x 1
- Tripod x 1

- Retail