Wireless Electronic Reading Aid / Magnifier

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Model: UFAE001421
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This is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse, it connects directly to any TV/monitor with video input in seconds, allowing you to read newspapers, magazines, recipe cards and even medicine labels easily and wirelessly.

- Compatible with any TV/monitor using video input (PAL)
- Viewing modes: full color, high-contrast positive, high-contrast negative
- Zoom in/out digitally
- Magnification (on 20” monitor): 20x (up to 70x digitally)
- Freeze & De-freeze current image (capturing still picture)
- Unique guiding wheel mechanism
- Rechargeable battery lasts 4-5 hours
- Wireless
- Light weight
- Convenient & ergonomic (feel like a computer mouse)
- Easy to use, plug and play, works in 10 seconds

Zoom Figures:
- 1.0X, 1.1X, 1.25X. 1.5X, 1.7X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X

Display (Viewing) Mode:
- Full Color (as what you see what you get)
- Black in White
- White in Black

Colors Available:
- See pictures above

- You may consider to use this USB RCA to PC adapter if you want to read with your PC instead of your TV.
- Check your TV if it supports PAL or not, most of the TVs nowadays support both PAL and NTSC.

- Size: 145 x 90 x 85 mm (with Receiver included);
- Size: 130 x 69 x 64 mm (without Receiver included)

Package Includes:
- Wireless Electronic Reading Aid x 1
- Reading Aid's Dock x 1
- A/C Power Adapter (100~240V, 50/60Hz) x 1
- Pouch x 1
- Instructional Manual x 1

- Retail Box