Waterproof / UlatrViolet (UV) Proof Compression Elbow Sleeve for Cycling / Driving

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Retail Price: $3.99

Model: UF005045
Shipping Weight: 60g


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- Compression copper elbow sleeve provides targeted support to help alleviate tennis elbow, golfer elbow pain...
- Helps to relieve muscle pain and elbow tendonitis
- Provides tennis players, golfers, and all athletes with muscle stabilization if used during activity
- Comfortable for everyday wear
- Breathable
- Machine washable
- Comfortable to wear
- Lightweight
- Water Proof
- UV Proof

Colors Available:
- Black
- White
- Blue
- Pink

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Cable for charging your device
- Bike Holder for your device
- Bike Accssory Bag


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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 18g x 2 (2 count, total 26g)
- Dimensions: 36cm x 10cm (7.8cm)


Package Includes:
- Waterproof / UV Proof Compression Elbow Sleeve x 1

- Polybag