3-in-1 0.68X Wide Angle / Fisheye (+ Macro) Lens Kit With Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 GT-i9600 / GS5

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Model: UF003944
Shipping Weight: 95g



- Wide Angle Lens: Capturing wide angles without perspective distortion
- Fisheye Lens: upto 180 degree wide can be captured.
- Macro Lens: Capturing object in short distance without blurring
- Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your GS5 at any time
- Comes with a back Cover, whenever you need to take photo, just screw on the corresponding Lens, then you can take stunning picture with your galaxyS5.
- High Clarity: Made of high-class glass
- Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminum

This accessory is compatible with:
- Samsung Galaxy S5 / GT-i9600

Colors Available(Back Cover):
- Black

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- The lens for this product is not exchangeable with other lenses in our shop unless otherwise specified.
- The macro lens is not an independent lens, it is included in the wide angle and fisheye lens.

e.g. we have lenses for iPhone / iPad or even Samsung Galaxy S4 / i9500, but this does not imply that you can buy the lenses for other devices or used with your Galaxy S5 unless we specified. 

Specifications (Wide Angle lens):
- Magnification: Wide 0.68X
- Lens Construction: 2 elements in 2 groups
- The shot distance is between 10~23mm (Macro Lens)
- Dimensions(main body): 22mm (diameter) x 11.2mm (length)
- Weight: 8g

Specifications(Fisheye Lens):
- Magnification: 180 degree Fisheye (0.28X)
- Lens Construction: 3 elements in 3 groups
- The shot distance is between 10~23mm (Macro Lens)
- Dimensions (main body): 25mm (diameter) x 15mm (length)
- Weight: 11.4g

Package Includes:
- 180 degree (0.28X) Fisheye Lens (threaded) x 1
- 0.68X Wide Angle Lens (threaded) x 1
- Macro (1.25X) Lens (included in the wide angle lens and fisheye lens) x not applicable
- Back Cover for Galaxy S5 x 1

- Retail / Blister