Universal Micro USB Cradle f/Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia Smartphones

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If you are a tech-manic, you probably will change to the latest smartphone for every 3 months. Then you will be busy for new accessories - cradles, case, battery, stylus...

All the things are tailor-made to the phone. Here we made one thing that you do not need to change as well as the micro usb cables (if you are not in the Apple's camp).

This Cradle is terminated with a extra long Micro USB so you can use even when your phone has a case on. It also designed with an adjustable add-on, so no matter what size your smartphone will be, you can find a position to have your smartphone on well. It comes with a micro usb cable so you can connect to a PC for charging and Data Sync too.

Unique FEATURE(S):
- One Cradle for All the Phones using Micro USB Connector.

General FEATURE(S):
- Make your Cellphone on stage and never get lost under your documents / Stuff on desk
- One Cradle for all your Cellphone using Micro USB (see notes below)
- Sync and Charging your Cellphone from your computer

This accessory is compatible with:
- Samsung Galaxy S4, Siv
Samsung Galaxy i9300, S3, Siii
- Samsung Galaxy i9100, s2, Sii
- Samsung Galaxy i9000
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250

- Samsung Galaxy Note i9220
- Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

- HTC Phones
- Motorola Phones
- Nokia Phones (See notes below)
- Blackberry Phones
- LG Phones
- etcs...

Colors Available:
- Black

- All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
- It you use this cradle when your cellphone wearing a case, we cannot guarantee that it can funcion properly, if it is a Silicone / crystal case, it normally has no problems, if it is a metal or leather case, mostly it will not work.
- For some phones that does not support charging / hotSync via the micro USB Connector, this cradle may not support the corresponding functions too.
- You need to make sure your Cellphone is capable of charging and HotSync via the Micro USB
- Please note to the orientation of the micro usb on the cradle, the smaller side is in the front and the bigger side is at the back (please refer to the pictures in this page).

Standard / Safety Approvals:
- CE
- RoHS

Package Includes:
- Universal Cradle for Smartphones with Micro USB for Data Sync & Charging x 1

- Polybag / white box