RS232 to RS232 Tester with LED indicators

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Model: AK484-A167
Shipping Weight: 20g



This RS-232 mini tester (checker) is designed to connect in series with any RS-232 interface. Bright LED signals clearly show which lines are active (prefer for those color blind)
Mini Testers are used to check the interface for failures and to help identify the equipment that has failed. The tester may be left in the line permanently. It is transparent to data transfer.
16 LED's indicate the status of the following lines: 1CD, 2 RXD, 3TXD, 4DTR, 6DSR, 7RTS, 8CTS, 9RI.

- with 9 LED indicators

Colors Available:
- Beige / White

- RS232 is a D-sub 9 Pin connector

Package Includes:
- RS-232 to RS232 Adapter Monitor (RS-232 Tester w/ LED indicator) x 1

- Polybag