Micro SD to SD (SDHC) Card Adapter / Converter for Android Smartphones

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Model: UF004383
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Product Description:
For those smartphone that the so called "external" memory card under the battery cover, here is a kit come to rescue!

Just insert the correct side of this kit into your Micro SD card Slot, then lean it out to the back of your phone, and have the other side connect with a SD card and get a soft case to protect this memory card kit. That's all!

Once done, it will be really an external momery card, each time you need to get it changed, just take off the soft case and change. No need to take up the back cover, have the battery out...

This is especially a good news to those people that have more than a memory card to the smartphones or need to change the memory cards frequently.

Colors Available:
- Generic

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Card Readers
- OTG Cable
- SD Card Adapter

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- Brand: OEM

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Package Includes:
- Micro SD / TF Memory Card Kit Male to SD Female Extension Soft Flat Cable (Extender, 10cm long) x 1

- Blister