USB Numeric Keypad with Calculator and Tax Computation Keys

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Model: UFAE001239
Shipping Weight: 245g



- 12 Digit Display, USB Interface, anti-electrostatic, defend the electromagnetism interference
- Slim, lightweight human body engineering design and high quality thin film key switch
- Separate punctuation and tax computation keys
- Can be used as a standalone calculator when disconnected from your computer
- Keypad and Calculator is ideal for mobile laptop users, offering an efficient data entry method
- Display provides punctuation (for every 3 digit) and tax computation abilities (Tax - and Tax +)
- Enabling you to send calculated results to your PC or notebook (e.g. Word, Excel...) directly, integrate your calculator and your PC.
- Making it versatile accessory for your laptop

Colors Available:
- Black

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- Dimension: 167 x 93 x 16 mm approx.
- USB Cable Length: 130cm approx.

Package Includes:
- USB Key Numberic Keypad with Calculator x 1
- USB Cable x 1

- Box