Vehicle / Auto / Car Seat Side Multi-Pocket Organizer / Hanging Bag / Storage Bag

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Model: UF005084
Shipping Weight: 90g


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Product Description:
This is designed for use on front car seat (passenger side) this seat side organizer remains one of the most efficient car seat organizers available today. Its simple design, extreme build quality and premium design materials makes it very functional and useful for organizer and storing a wide variety of items and personal effects in your car. Items that you can store in this seat side pocket includes Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, iPods, iPhones, Map, magazines, books, snacks, sodas, toiletries, napkins and lots more.

- It is a very helpful organizer for your car
- Compatibility: Universal for almost every cars, trucks, family or work vehicles.
- 3 different size pockets (the string / rope is in the pocket)

Colors Available:
- Black
- Blue
- Red

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Car Charger
- Jump Starter
- Glass Breaker



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- Attaching the bottom with the rope (in the pocket) to the safety buckle or anything else


Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight:
- Size: 15 x 4.7 inch (L x W) or 37 x 12.5cm approx. 


Package Includes:
- Auto / Car Seat Side Storage Bag / Multi-Pocket Organizer / Hanging Bag x 1

- Polybag