1.5-meter (5 feet) Up Angle / Down Angled HDMI Male to HDMI Male Extension Cable / Extender Cord

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Model: UF004581
Shipping Weight: 160g



- Extra Long
- Angled HDMI, makes it more friendly to use
- EMI Shield, making signal transmittion more smooth and stable.
- For all HDMI Connectors between DVD Player, PS3, digital satellite receivers set-top box, AV receivers, HDTV and so on
- PVC insulated covering helps to resist corrosion and oxidation, makes it more durable and safe.
- 24K gold-plated connectors resiss corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for maximum signal transfer?
- High purity copper conductor ensures maimum signal transfer from conductor to connector
- High-density triple shielded cable isolates signal from EMI and RFI interfence

This accessory is compatible with:
- PS3
- Set-top Box...

Options :
- Up Angle (90 degree)
- Dowt Angle (90 degree)

Colors Available:
- Mainly Black

- HDMI Version: 1.4
- Length: 1.5 meters (or 5 feet)
- Connector 1: HDMI Straight Male
- Connector 2: Angled (90 degree) HDMI Male

Package Includes:
- Angled HDMI Plug to HDMI Plug cable x 1

- Polybag