190° (0.24X) Super Fisheye Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 5

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Model: UF003117
Shipping Weight: 100g



This is a unique fisheye lens, it can allow you to take 190degree wide angle pictures.

Unique Feature(s):
- Super Fisheye Lens for iPhone 5.

General Features:
- Wider Angle captured - upto 190 degree.
- Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your iPhone 5 at any time
- Comes with a Back Cover, whenever you need to take photo with Fisheye, just screw on the Fisheye Lens on, then you can take 190 degree Fisheye picture with your iPhone 5.
- The back cover is suitable for our Wide Angle Lens for iPhone 5, Macro Lens for iPhone 5 and 12X Telephoto Lens for iPhone 5 too (see option below)
- Back cover for video / Picture Viewing
- High Clarity: Made of high-class glass
- Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminum

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 5

Colors Available:
Black (please check with us if you want this cover)
- Smoky Black

Options(not included) :
The back cover of this product is capable of using with other screw-on lens selling in our shop as long as the lens is marked with compatible with iPhone 5.
- Mini Tropod
- Shutter Release Cable
- 4X Telephoto Lens
- Circurlar Polarizer Filter (CPL) Lens
- 20X Super Macro Lens
- 180 degree Fisheye lens
- Mini 0.5X Super Wide Angle Lens
- etc...

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Standard / Safety Approvals:
- Please check with us

Package Includes:
- 190 degree super fisheye lens x 1 piece
- Photo cover for iPhone 5 x 1 piece

- Retail