Straight USB 3.1 / USB Type-C Male to USB 2.0 Micro Female Adapter / Converter

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Model: AP004749
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If you need extra cable for your new USB 3.1-enabled Device, an easy way is to buy an extra USb 3.1 USB cable for that.

However, if you are just jumping between an USB 3.1 enabled device and another (or even some) USB 2.0 enabled device, then there is a way that you can save some money, just have this adapter, then you can use a cable for all your Android Phones.

This adapter is a bridge for micro usb and a USB 3.1 (USB Type-C) cable, it is lightweight and compact.

- A super easy way to convert your USB 2.0 micro usb to a USB 3.1 connector for sync / charging.
- Case Compatible, no need to buy extra cables for your new device.
- Support Scalable power charging

This accessory is compatible with:
- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Computer
- Nokia N1 Tablet

- Samsung Galax Note 5

- Hard Disk with Type C USB 3.1 Sockets

*** check the specification below carefully to see if your device is compatible or not, more new models may have not yet included in the list ***

- Do not see your device on this list? PLEASE feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Colors Available:
- Black
- White

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Car Charger
- USB Wall Charger

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- Net Weight: 3g
- Dimensions / Length: 
- Connector 1: USB 3.1 (Type C) Male (Plug)
- Connector 2: USB Micro (USB 2.0) Female (Socket, Jack)

Package Includes:
- USB Type C (USB 3.1) Male to Micro USB Female Converter / Adapter / Connector x 1 piece

- Polybag