Anti-Windeing Retractable Coiled Right Angle USB-C Charge Cable

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Model: UF006383
Shipping Weight: 40g


An easy and convenient cable as a retractable one does.

- Novel Coiled Design: The Car USB Type-C Cable with spring shape design, portable without twining. Provides the rational length of the spring wire can facilitate charging at the co-pilot or backseat.
- 90-Degree Design: The special 90 degree connector design keeps the cable organized and out of the way, making it easier to play games or watch videos while your phone's charging. It also reduces stress on the cable
- Stretches to 5 feet (1.5meter), with a tough, yet flexible PVC jacket.

Colors Available:
- Black

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- Length: Min.: 2.5 feet (or 70-80cm) approx.
- Length: Max.: 5.0 feet (or 150cm) approx.
- Product Type: Data Cable
- Connector 1: USB-A male
- Connector 2: Right Angle USB-c male

Package Includes:
- Anti-Winding Retractable Right Angled Coiled USB Extension Cable (USB-A male to Angled USB-C male) x 1 piece

- Polybag