Super Long USB 3.0 Charger / Hard Drive Data Cable (USB A to USB Micro-B)

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Model: UF003709
Shipping Weight: 35g


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This cable connects your Galaxy Note 3 / III (or any cellphones with USB 3.0 micro-A socket) to your computer for data sync and charging.

It also is one of the most popular connection cable for External Hard Drive.

The connection is so easy. Just plug the USB 3.0 micro-B (male) side to your device and plug the other end to your computer.

- Plug and Play
- Utilize the transfer speed of your USB 3.0 port
- To sync data between your phone and computer
- Transfer speed up to 5 GBit/s (max.)
- Downward compatible to USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 ports

Colors Available:
- Black

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Specifications (for example, an 1-meter cable, no repeater chipset):
- USB 3.0 Micro-B plug (male)
- USB 3.0 Standard A plug (male)
- Length: 1m (or 3.3ft) approx.
- Net Weight: 35g approx.

Specifications (for example, an 8-meter cable):
- USB 3.0 Micro-B plug (male)
- USB 3.0 Standard A plug (male)
- Length: 8M (or 26.5 feet ) approx.
- Net Weight: 360g approx.

Package Includes:
- USB 3.0 Micro USB Data Sync Cable x 1 piece

- Polybag