40cm 90 Degree Right-Angled USB 3.0 Type-A Male to Straight Type-A Male Data Cable

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Model: UF004981
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Product Overview:
The super short USB 3.0 Type A Cable provides a high quality connection between 2 USB Devices or a USB-capable computer and a Hard Drives... for everyday tasks such as data synchronization, file transfers, and charging.

The right-angled USB connector positions the cable in such a way that it allows you to easily access your mobile digital device in both portrait and landscape mode, even while charging.

The Super Short design allows it use as an alternative to a USB Male to Male adapter / converter or minimize the mess caused by a long cable.

This L-shaped cable is available in left-angled and right-angled at your convenience.

- Transfer data, connect to various USB devices, and provide power while charging your USB device, without the cable getting in the way
- Supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps
- Molded connectors with strain relief

This accessory is compatible with:
- PC Computers / Mobile Device / HDDs

*** check the specification below carefully to see if your device is compatible or not, more new models may have not yet included in the list ***

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Colors Available:
- Black

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Adapters
- USB Conversion Cables
- USB Chargers

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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: OEM

- Dimensions / Length: 40cm approx.
- Connector 1: Angled (L-Shaped, 90 degree) USB 3.0 Type A male (Plug)
- Connector 2: Straight USB 3.0 Type A male (Plug)


Package Includes:
- Super Short 90&deg Angled USB 3.0 A Male to USB 3.0 A Male Adapter Cable x 1

- Polybag