PCsensor KeyFere Programmable USB Keyboard - up to 20 short-cut Keys w/LCD display / Multi-languages

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Model: UF004828
Shipping Weight: 350g



Product Overview:
KeyFere is a keyboard that customize keyboard shortcut with LCD display, every key function can be customized by user freely. It mainly aim at helping finishing computer commands by one button and replacing the complex mouse and keyboards operations. It greatly improves your productions efficiency, reduce your memory pressure of various of hotkeys and your finger movement times. Smaller keyboard, but much more  convenience. Only one key can replace complex mouse and keyboards operations.

[Alt+F+ mouse left ]       KeyFere only need one key;
[Ctrl+Alt+Del]                Three keys,  KeyFere only need one key;
[Ctrl+A+Ctrl+C+Ctrl+V+Ctrl+V]        So complicated keys, KeyFere only need one key

(1) Equipment can be set up hundreds of commonly used software keyboard shortcuts.
(2) Support user-defined Settings shortcuts.
(3) High-definition LCD display keyboard shortcut and functions names, to help you know the function of the buttons quickly.
(4) Conform international HID standard.
(5) Support Windows, Linux, Mac, Android system and so on .
(6) Support various application shortcut key (hotkey).
(7) Support the tablet device with OTG USB port . Such as:  Samsung , millet and other mobile phone.
(8) Support multiple languages and any character.
(9) In a timely manner to provide and update shortcuts template.
(10) Connect all kind of used equipment via Micro USB, plug and play.
(11) CE/ FCC/ ROHS certification, Chinese patent, pass patent testing certification .
(12)Support Windows CMD. If the shortcut is set as "Win+R+ProgramName+Enter+Enter",you can open the program with pressing the device button.

- Upward switch custom shortcuts software collection
- Downward switch custom shortcuts software collection;
- Device Settings: such as: brightness, LCD test, version number to view ;
- Upward switch the keyboard shortcuts ;
- Downward switch the keyboard shortcuts
- Other buttons: user defined shortcut keys function buttons;
- LCD display screen, show the corresponding shortcut keys function;

Colors Available:
- Black

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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Rding
- Model: Key Fere

- Net Weight: 160g
- Package Weight: 340g
- Package Dimensions; 20 x 3.5 x 13cm


Package Includes:
- PCsensor KeyFere Programmable USB Keyboard - up to 20 short-cut Keys with LCD display / Multi-languages x 1

- Box