Super Short Micro USB B Female to Micro USB B Male Extender Cable

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Model: UFAB002038
Shipping Weight: 15g



Best Replacement to the USB Adapters when space is a key considerations (e.g. too short to have an adapter plugged).

- Supports USB 2.0 data transfers
- Super Short
- Optimal length (12 cm approx.) to have an adaption while do not use a lot of space and free from dangling cables.

- Buffer cable, as a buffer from device to device
- To replace adapter because sometimes adapter is too bulky and not flexible
- To replace cable assembly because sometimes you just need an adaptation, but a cable assembly will be too long
- To protect the socket at your device side, as if you have very frequent plug-and-pull, you may damage your socket even your device is still functioning well

This accessory is compatible with:
- Motolola, Nokia, Blackberry Phones

Colors Available:
- Black

Package Includes:
- Short USB Cable Adapters (Micro USB Female - Micro USB Male) x 1

- Polybag