Micro USB Female to Angled Micro USB Cable Adapter (Super Short)

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Model: UF003965
Shipping Weight: 25g



- Dedicated angled Micro USB Connector, making it more friendly to your device for data sync and charging your device.

This accessory is compatible with(some models may be just suitable for charging):
- Samsung Galaxy S5 / GT-i9600 / GS5
- Samsung Galaxy S4 / Siv / i9500/ i9505
- Samsung Galaxy s3 / siii / i9300
- Samsung Galaxy s2 / sii / i9100
- Samsung Galaxy s1 /si / i9000

- Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)
- Samsung Galaxy Note II / 2 (N7100)
- Samsung Galaxy Note III N9000

- Any device using Micro usb interface to charge and sync.

- you may contact us if you have any queries.

Colors Available:
- Black

- Left Angled
- Right Angled 

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- Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time).

- Length: 25 meter (10 inches) approx.

Package Includes:
- 90 degree Angled Micro USB Cable for Charging and Data Sync x 1 piece

- Polybag