USB RCA (Video only) to PC Adapter

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Model: UFAC001840
Shipping Weight: 80g



This adapter in intentionally for our Reading Aids for the low vision people.

Currently, our Reading Aids is intentionally for displaying in TV instead of a PC.

With this adapter, if a user would like to reading with the PC, here is the way.

It is so simple, just connect this USB adapter, install the driver and connect the USB adapter with any of our reading aids, then you can display the video in your PC.

- Let you display the video (no sound output, please note) to a PC.
- USB Port Powered, no extra power required.
- LED Light
- It even provides the power to the Reading Aids (the extra BLACK cable beside the YELLOW one)

This accessory is compatible with:
- Wireless Reading Aid
- Wired Reading Aid

Colors Available:
- Black

- This is specially for the reading aid (UF001422 and UF001421) in our shop only.

Package Includes:
- USB RCA (Video only) to PC Adapter x 1
- CD Driver x 1

- Bulk