Waterproof Protective Case Shell for iPhone 5s / iPhone 5

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Model: UF003206
Shipping Weight: 140g


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This product is suitable for the iPhone 5, having a good protective and waterproof efficacy. The phone can be directly manipulated after installation. Flexible silicone as the operator interface let it become good touch feeling and durable. The case allows you to unrestricted use the phone in the rain and snow or other similar circumstances.

This product is suitable for the IP67 degree of protection that can be isolated from dirt, dust, dust storms, and withstand dirt impurities and construction dust. It makes the phone isolated from the snow, ice and water. Therefore, the case make the phone can be used rest assured in snowboarding, rafting or other environment.

- Great for camping, boating, fishing, tubing, swimming, or any other water sports
- Comes with a strap for more convenience to carry

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 5s / iPhone 5

- you may contact us if you have any queries.

Colors Available:
- Black
- (Light) Blue
- Dark Blue
- Green
- Pink
- Purple
- Yellow
- White

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1. Do not use chemical agents to clean this product! Wipe with a damp cloth gently to clean.
2. Do not expose your product to high temperature areas or products in a fire.
3. Do not throw, pound or damage the product intentionally.
4. Proper use of the products and appropriate maintenance can prolong its life.
5. Please install according to the user manual and do waterproof test before use.

Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: IPEGA
- Model: PG-i5005

- IP67

Package Includes:
- Waterproof Protective Case Shell for iPhone 5 x 1 piece

- Retail