Cellphone Mini SIM and Micro SIM Converter / Adapter

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Model: UFAC001824
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This adapter lets you convert your standard SIM (Mini SIM) card to the new SIM (Micro SIM or 3ffused in iPhone 4 and iPad) and V ice verse, your Micro SIM to Mini SIM in a easy way! Just follow the instructions as listed below then you can DIY anytime, anywhere.

It saves you time, money and inconvenience of having 2 SIM Cards.

- Convert your Mini SIM to latest Micro SIM and vice Verse, Micro SIM to Mini SIM too!

General FEATURE(S):
- Dual use, Mini SIM to Micro SIM and Micro SIM to Mini SIM.
- Easy Installation, you can DIY at home, office in 5 minutes
- Applicable to any 3G SIM card (for iPhone 4, iPad...)

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone
- iPhone 4s
- iP
- iP
ad 2
- Cell ph

How to make a Micro sim from regular sim card?
1.Paste the label with dotted line on the back of your regular sim card
2.Cut your sim card along the dotted line to get a standard micro sim card
3.This micro sim card can be used in your iPad and iPhone 4G

How to restore your regular sim card?
1.Paste the rest label on the adapter
2.Insert the micro sim card into the the adapter
3.Your regular sim card has restored

Colors Available:

- The use of this sim converter / adapter does not limit to iPhone 4, iPad, it is universal regardless of the cellphones and operators.
- The application is not limited to iPhone 4G / iPad, it is universal, applicable to all the phone using micro SIM / Mini SIM.

Package Includes:
- Micro Sim to Mini SIM Adapter Converter x 1

- Polybag