Dock Extender Cable(Slim Male to Female) for iPad / iPhone(60cm)

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Model: UF002868-60
Shipping Weight: 45g


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If you're using an accessory that constant has to be plugged/unplugged from your iPhone docking connector here's a way to prevent unwanted wear and tear or damage to your iPhone connector.

This 2 foot extension will allow you to keep your iPhone connected while all the wear and tear goes to the extension cable. You also could use this to get an extra 2 feet of length from an existing cable.

- Miniature connector lets you fit more case with narrow open for dock connector
- If you have some devices that is capable (compatible with) of your new iPhone / iPod / iPad, just that the physical space is too small for your new iPhone / iPod / iPad to fit / dock, then this cable can helps.

General FEATURE(S)
- For Charging
- For Audio and Video Transfer
- To eliminate the troubles for sometimes that you need to take off your case for iPhone / iPod before connecting your iPad / iPhone / iPod to an accessories (e.g. FM Transmitter in a car).

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 4s
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 3G
- iPad 1 / iPad 2 / iPad 3
- iPod Nano 6th Generation
- iPod nano 5th generation
- iPod nano 4th generation
- iPod nano 3rd generation
- iPod nano 2nd generation
- iPod nano 1st generation
- iPod Touch 4th
- iPod Touch 3rd Generation
- iPod touch 2nd generation
- iPod touch 1st generation
- iPod classic
- iPod 5th generation

Colors Available:
- Black

- It does not support S-video output or input for recording audio.
- Normally ships in 5 weeks.

- Length: 60cm or 2 feet approx. (+/- 5cm)

Package Includes:
- Dock Connector Extension Cable x 1

- Bulk