Instant Cooling Towel / Microfiber Towel for Cycling / Travel / Hiking / Jogging / Outdoor Sports

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Model: UF005046
Shipping Weight: 80g


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Product Description:
This towel's cooling feature helps you stay cool for up to 1 hour. If wet, snap again to reactivate and stay cool for as long as you require.

It is perfect for you golfers, bikers, gym buffs, campers, gardeners, or anyone who wants to stay cool while being active.

- Used as any other towels, but help you stay cool while using (up to 1 hour)
- Dry Quickly
- Unique moisture wicking technology helps to absorb sweat and wick moisture away!
- It's unique mesh design makes this towel a breathable towel
- Lightweight, durable, Portable and machine washable
- Anti-Statis
- UV Proof

Colors Available:
- Blue
- Red
- Grey
- Orange

Options / Accessories (not included):
- USB Wall Chargers
- Bike Stands
- Bike MunGuards

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Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic / OEM

- Net Weight: 60g
- Dimensions): 30x100cm
- Materials: Microfiber


Package Includes:
- Microfiber Towel / Instant Cooling Towel for Sport / Cycling / Travel x 1

- Polybag